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You know your business inside out and when face-to-face with your customers, we bet you can wax lyrical about your product/service. But does that same enthusiasm and interest translate well onto paper or onscreen?

Affinitas offers a copy-editing and proofreading service for all your written conversations – from promotional brochures and newsletters to your website and technical manuals; we can help you get it write right.

It’s reported that spelling mistakes cost UK businesses millions each year in lost sales. Our proofreading service provides an extensive quality check of your document to ensure no mistakes have been left in it. We look at spelling, typography, design consistency, page numbers and cross referencing.

Where proofreading is concerned with the presentation of the finished product, copy-editing is all about the raw material and our service will ensure that your readers read what you have intended them to.

Contact Affinitas and let us wax lyrical about your business. After all, words are our strongest tool.

<span style="color: #702c91;">Words are our strongest tool</span>

Words are our strongest tool

They leave a lasting impression and Affinitas can help you get it right. Read more...
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