Often mistaken for simply advertising when it is actually so much more.

Marketing is a powerful function within your business and defined by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as “identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs, profitably”.

Working with you, getting to know you and your target market, we can create a marketing plan to boost your brand and bottom line by focusing on winning and retaining customers.

At Affinitas, everything starts with a conversation and early on in ours we will identify your customers – who they are, where they are, what they buy, how they buy it and why they buy it. This is a crucial conversation to have and the answers will help build a picture of how we can better promote your business and what tools – collateral – will be required.

Our clear thinking approach will help you to identify the real needs of your customers when it comes to your product/service. We’ll also find out what the competition is doing and try to capitalise on these findings.

Affinitas will put together a plan for your business – whether it’s a strategic marketing plan or a campaign plan to achieve a particular objective – and will then execute that plan adopting tactics to best motivate and engage your audience, at a price to suit your budget. Read it and reap [the benefits]!

We can provide the perfect package for you depending on your needs and budget – from managing all of your marketing activity or being there to help when required, to assisting your sales people with planning.

Contact Affinitas to find out how we can help your business channel its marketing strategy to benefit your bottom line.

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The perfect package

Ongoing support, or a one-off project. Affinitas can deliver the perfect communications package for you. Read more...
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