PR, or to give it its full title – public relations, isn’t just about big stunts and celebrity launches. It’s about what you do, what you say, when you say it and what others say about you.

Affinitas can help you harness the potential of the media to raise awareness of your products or services through planned PR. We have a wealth of information and experience to share when it comes to creating and executing successful PR strategies and plans.

Affinitas will work with you on preparing a PR plan for your business that will:

  • help manage the relationships with your ‘publics’ – whether you are targeting the media, general public, customers within a particular business sector or your staff.
  • help minimise threats to your reputation by spotting problems or potential conflicts early.
  • help identify external opportunities and capitalise on them.
  • ensure that when we’re communicating with your publics we’re also achieving your business objectives.
  • help manage resources – people and budget.
  • allow us to evaluate success.

PR plans are different for every business, and even within the same company there may be different plans for different objectives. One thing is certain though: we do our homework before creating a plan, working with you to make it a success.

Contact Affinitas to find out how we can help you successfully engage with your audience using tactics that work for them and your budget.

<span style="color: #702c91;">Words are our strongest tool</span>

Words are our strongest tool

They leave a lasting impression and Affinitas can help you get it right. Read more...
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<span style="color: #702c91;">Bells and whistles</span>

Bells and whistles

If a full-blown PR plan is too tall an order, no problem. We can work on a one-off news release or article, tailoring our service to suit your needs. Read more...