Marketing planning

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably got a fair idea of what your business needs to be doing when it comes to marketing. But putting together a robust marketing plan that outlines how you’re going to achieve it; that’s where Affinitas comes in.

Everything we do starts with a conversation and early on in ours we'll be getting to know you, your business, and crucially, your customers – who they are, where they are, what they buy, how they buy it and why they buy it. This is a significant conversation to have and the answers will help build a picture of how we can better promote your business and what tools will be required.

Our clear-thinking approach will help you to identify the real needs of your customers when it comes to your product or service. We’ll also find out what the competition is doing so that we can capitalise on these findings.

We’ll then put together a plan for your business – one that puts your strategy in motion –with tactics to best motivate and engage your audience; at a price to suit your budget.

We can provide the perfect package for you, depending on your needs and budget. From being your hands-on, outsourced marketing department and implementing the plan for you, to being there to help when required.

Content creation

You know your business inside out and when face-to-face with your customers, we bet you can wax lyrical about your product or service. But does that same enthusiasm and interest translate well onscreen (or on paper)?

Bill Gates’ essay title “Content is King” has turned into an overused mantra but it does speak the truth.

Content drives the internet but quality content speaks to authority, engagement, lead generation, backlinks, search engine rankings, web traffic, and social shares. All of which serve to increase visibility of your product or service and, ultimately, boosting your bottom line.

We offer a range of content writing services including: website copy, social media content, blogs, articles, interview-based articles, press releases, and other business writing.

Social media management

Let’s face it: social media is time consuming. As a business owner, you’ll appreciate the benefit in having an active social media strategy but in reality, do you have the time to run your business and keep all of those social accounts up-to-date?

Or perhaps you’ve yet to embrace social media and need a professional to get you established on the key networks…

Whether it’s a part of our marketing planning service or a stand-alone package, Affinitas can be relied on to manage your business’ social accounts. You will benefit from our knowledge, processes, and consistency as we create and post engaging content that speaks the language of your target audience.

Why outsource your social media management to Affinitas?
  • Tailored social media management packages to suit your business, needs, and budget.
  • An easy to manage monthly retainer
  • Integration with offline marketing activity
  • Grow your business through targeted social media advertising 


PR isn’t just about big stunts and celebrity launches. It’s about what you do, what you say, when you say it, and what others say about you.

Affinitas can help you harness the potential of the media to raise awareness of your products or services through planned PR. Catrina has a wealth of information and experience to share when it comes to creating and executing successful PR strategies and plans.

Affinitas will work with you on preparing a PR plan for your business that will:
  • help manage the relationships with your audience – whether you are targeting the media, general public, customers within a particular business sector or your staff.
  • help minimise threats to your reputation by spotting problems or potential conflicts early.
  • help identify external opportunities and capitalise on them.
  • ensure that when we’re communicating with your publics we’re also achieving your business objectives.
  • help manage resources – people and budget.
  • allow us to evaluate success.
PR plans are different for every business, and even within the same company there may be different plans for different objectives. One thing is certain though: we do our homework before creating a plan, working with you to make it a success.
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